Liquor License Consulting is providing California business owners
with knowledgeable, straightforward guidance and assistance in
obtaining new liquor / alcoholic beverage licenses, transferring,
buying and selling liquor licenses, with help from an expert in the
Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) licensing and
enforcement processes and procedures.

Consultant / Founder Robert "Bob" Sylvia spent over 17 years    
of his state service career with the California Department of
Alcoholic Beverage Control, and will be
"Your Personal Liquor
Licensing Guide."

Also, Liquor License Consulting is very pleased to introduce two
new Consultant / Expediters to the company.  Linda Finch is a
retired ABC Licensing Representative, and Diana Kamnikar is a
retired ABC Office Manager.  Each of these ladies brings a wealth
of knowledge and experience from their combined 36 years of
experience with the ABC.  

As you may already know, getting through the paperwork and red
tape that government often creates can be a challenging, if not a
frustrating experience, and takes you away from other important
business matters.  With
Liquor License Consulting at your side,
you'll be guided through the liquor / ABC  licensing process in an
efficient, knowledgeable, and professional manner.

Let's get it done right the first time, which will give you the peace
of mind to spend your valuable time on other important aspects of
your business.

For a list of services available to you, please visit "Services" page.

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