Bob Sylvia retired at the end of 2005, after a distinguished 17 year
career with the California Department of Alcoholic Beverage
Control, then decided to assist applicants and licensee's with their
liquor / alcoholic beverage licensing needs.  With his many years
of experience working for the Department of Alcoholic Beverage
Control as an Investigator, Supervising Investigator and District
Administrator, Bob is exceptionally well suited for applying his
knowledge, skills and experience to good use in the liquor /
alcoholic beverage license consulting field.  

Linda Finch retired from the ABC as a Licensing Representative in
2005, after a 12 year career with the Department.  During her
career with the ABC, Linda also worked as an Office Technician

Diana Kamnikar retired from the ABC as an Office Manager /
Supervisor in 2004, after a 24 year career with the ABC.  She
continued to work for the Department as an Annuitant until early

Both Linda and Diana have a wide range of knowledge and
experience in the liquor / alcoholic beverage licensing processes
and procedures, and their work as Consultant / Expediters is

Together, Bob, Linda and Diana will be "
Your Personal Liquor
Licensing Guides,"
and provide you with knowledgeable,
straightforward, guidance and assistance in your dealings with the
Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control.  

So why wait?  Call
Liquor License Consulting now.  Let's get
Service to Community
Liquor License Consulting will make a donation to the new
church building fund for "Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish" for each
consulting fee for services involving new and transferred license
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